Friday, February 22, 2013

Tobacco Supermarket.

Recently I was in Bloomington in the hopes of getting a job. Unfortunately they weren't hiring, but that is beside the point.

The point being the Briar and The Burly, is no your usual tobacconist store. Where the place is usually smell of tobacco, cigars, and with classy decor. But that is not the case, the case being when you walk into the Briar and the Burley. You are greeted by a section of suitcases and briefcases. Then once you pass two thirds of the shop you are presented with an amazing selection of meerschaum pipes ranging from the blan and sinful un-carved to the most exquisitely carved pieces of art.

Then when you pass the meerschaum pipes to your left. You'll again be greeted by a case of cigars, and  the more traditional briar pipes and a few metal/plastic pipes, in which I am not a fan. At the end you'll see a 1980s ferrari. Then afterwards an adequately sized smoking lounge, then you'll be back in the section of the suitcase but the case area will be greeted with old fashioned shaving supplies, such as strops, straight razors, brushes, shaving mugs, and safety razors.

While the pipe collection is okay, the cigar and the tobacco selection is good. I wouldn't call this a great tobacconist due to the fact that two thirds of entire store sells suitcases and briefcases. But it's still a store worth visiting.

With that I'll puff you later.