Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

I just want say Happy New Year. I also want to thank you for giving me a thousand hits, and I hope I can give you more reviews and two cents on everything on pipes, pipe tobacco, and everything pipe related.

So with that happy new year and I'll puff you later.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Time is almost here.

Hello readers and christmas time is almost here. As a person who's Jewish who doesn't celebrate Christmas, but Yuletide, or the day that Santa gives us presents. I want to wish all of my readers a merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, and a happy Kwanzaa for those who still celebrate the holiday.

Also this will be my final post for the year and I hope everybody will celebrate a joyful and merry New Year. But fear not I will not abandon you yet. But I also don't think that any new updates will be posted about pipes, pipe tobacco, and anything pipe related, unless I get a job.

So with that I'll puff you later.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How To Make your own Pipe Rack Part 5

Warning: If you do not follow the instructions you will lose a finger or a hand. Due to the use of powerful and dangerous tools. Also My blog is not responsible for any lose of limbs due to your own stupidity.

Now that step seven is done we can move on.

Step 8: Now that we have drilled all eight depressions and the piece that will prop up your pipes. Such as the picture to the right. Now is the time to assemble it all together.

Step 9: You now want to go back to step three and grab that piece of wood as it is going to be the piece that holds up the piece thats hold up your pipes and be a barrier between the two ends. That is half of the width of the base. (See picture right of Step 11 to get a relative picture of things) If you have something different thats fine. I'm not going to yell at you for doing something different.

Note: Back on some previous step, probably step seven or six.
You saw the base with a line with horizontal lines going
through it. Well a friend, who helped me on this project
thought it would be best to cut it off and he did the fancy
router work you see before you.
Step 10: Now this is probably going to be the most difficult part of the assembly. Because you are going to take a table saw, for stability, and cut a grove into the piece that is going be propping up the stems of you pipe, now mind you that this piece is less than a quarter of an inch. So you want to set the blade of your table saw about an eighth of an inch.

Then when you're done with that piece of the wood you want to take the base and do the same thing pretty much. Which is sawing a groove into the base at the same depth. Such as with the picture

Note: Again if you know the exact depth of the groove on the base then that's great and I hope that you will share the knowledge with the rest of the readers.

The piece of wood to the far right will be used as
divider and proper upper.
Step 11:  Now you want to take everything the base, the holder, and the piece of wood that is both divider and proper and put them together.  Now that we have some picture at what the finished product will look like, without the glue. Such as the picture to the left.

Then you want to take wood glue and be careful you, because you don't need that much. You want to take the base as you see above. You then pour the glue into the groove, not a lot, but a single line up and down the groove. Just like the picture on the right this god awful paragraph.

Step 12: Now repeat said process in the groove of piece that will be holding you pipe stems. Now after take all three pieces and combined them you want to cover them in wax paper and clamped them down. Because you don't want the pieces tilting to one side or the other. You want to a block of wood, cover in wax paper to propped up against the barrier and then wait for about 8 hours

Step 13: Now after eight hours, you want remove the clamps, wax paper, and the block of wood and then you want to sand any excess glue that may have seeped out of the grooves when you've combined the three pieces but other than that it should look like pictures below.
Afterwards you want to start staining, Obviously, you want to put color on the piece. I would recommend a deep reddish color because of one reason, it brings out the grain really nicely. Now all you really need is a rag and some disposable gloves to paint the rack. Because to remove said stain would require mineral water and apparently that isn't all to well fore the skin.

Note: You always, always paint with the grain and quickly because it will dry quite fast, don't worry if you got too much stain in or on one place, again we weren't focusing on appearance.

Step 14: When you finish staining you will be surprised by how the grain pops. After staining you'll want to wait about half a hour. So when you return, make sure that the stain is dry. After which it should like the picture on the left.

When the rack is dry you want to put three coats of shellac. Now why shellac? Simple, it protects the wood. Like staining you want to go with the grain. When you are done you want to give about thirty minutes with the first coat. When it is done you want to sand any rough spots or unevenness that may have occurred with the shellac.

Step 15: Now after the first two coats of shellac. Your pipe rack should look like the picture on the right lower right. Now after you are done with sanding any rough spots with the shellac. Using 260 grain sandpaper, you want to use to remove any rough spots. Afterwards you are going to apply the third and final coating of Shellac, which is going to have wax in it. Now this is going to be the longest so………… take the rest of day off.

Step 16: When you are ready to apply the wax
you want to take steel wool and use that to rub the wax onto the wood, make sure you get ever spot with the exception of the bottom. Now your rack will look like you just smeared crisco all over it. But trust me, which is rare, you want to wait about 30 minutes.

When the 30 minutes are up you take a piece of cloth and some elbow grease. Then buff the wax into wood and when you do you'll get a smooth shine and finish.

Step 17: You really don't need this step. All you have to do is cut and glue the felt to the bottom of the base.

And with that you are done, now I know I am missing some dimensions. But I'll post a different post about the dimensions but that will be after Christmas. What do you know I finished the series with twelve days to spare. Now I'm going to post another series of Making Your Own Pipe Rack, and hopefully it doesn't take the ungodly amount of time like, this series.

Thanks for reading and always puff you later.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The day that will live in Infamy

Today is the seventieth anniversary when the United States was attacked by the Empire of Japan. Today we is when commemorate to the Sailors, Airmen, and Soldiers who died during the surprise attack in Hawaii. I want the world to know that I am grateful for the survivors and the veterans. Though their deaths will come, and when  it does. It will  be a sadness that will never be replaced.

But still We should always remember this day and remember the men who died.