Friday, December 24, 2010

Making Your own Pipe Rack Pt. 1

Today is the day before Christmas and if you're pipe smoker, chances are your getting a new pipe tomorrow . But your collection is growing and your pipe Rack is running low on holding space, if you own one, you want to buy a new pipe rack but your not wanting to spend the amount for a new pipe rack.

So what do you do? Sell some of your pipes on Ebay? While hoping that you can get some money by selling some of your pipes. Or make your own pipe rack? Which can be both fun and surprisingly addicting, so do not get carried away.

First thing is first. Be realistic, if you do not have any experience in wood shop or working with wood. Then your pipe rack will be simple at best. So once again the rack will be simple, but appeasing to look at.

Now that we got that out of the way lets start with the basics of wood shop or what I deemed important enough to be the commandments of woodworking:

  1. Safety First, though I don't have that much experience. But I can say that you will work with power tools and you will need to take in consideration that you are dealing with objects that have the power to cut your hand off.
  2. Pay attention. If you are easily distracted then create an environment were you won't saw off a finger or your hand. Or else you're fucked.
  3. Read the Manual or Instructions of the tools you are going to operate. Know your tools know how to operate them and know how to handle them. It will help you keep ten fingers or two hands.
  4. Know your measurements. As well basic Algebra, you don't need a Ph.D. in physics, but you should know inches, feet, etc. Including adding, multiplying, and dividing fractions and such.
  5. Practice on scrap wood. Like writing you will go through process of creating a rough draft & a final draft. Scrap is your first draft and you are going to use that first draft to gain experience so you won't saw of a finger or a hand. Also you will gain experience on how to use and handle the tools.
  6. When Drilling, you want to use a clamp down on the wood that you are working on. Clamps make everything much more stable. Also put wood underneath so you won't have your work bench look like wooden Swiss Cheese.
  7. Practice makes perfect. If you screw up, don't get mad. No one is perfect, so if you didn't get the desired effects then start all over again and try again. Learn from your mistakes.
Now that we have the basics down lets start sawing through the list. That is incomplete and probably wrong, so to most woodworkers. If you feel like adding to the list then by all means do so.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meerschaum for beginners, or looking for good quality meerschaums.

Today I am going to discuss about two meerschaum pipe stores both online, and both in mind have some extraordinary pipes. Though I have yet to smoke a meerschaum, I wish to any reader that have doubts about my opinion about these two merchants. Will be respectful and hear out my decision about them.

Now first and foremost And Inc. which has some incredible designs and at good price if you don't want to spend too much for a meerschaum pipe. Though their selection is small compared to other sites. I still think it is worth looking at. Even if you don't decide to buy, though their ordering process is quite annoying but it's easy enough that you only have to paste and copy the item number onto the order form.

But again it is worth looking at their site a just browse, they have good looking products that should be in consideration about buying and are good looking if you want to start collecting Meerschaum.

Another and more better site is on Ebay they're called just Meerschaum Pipes, their a bit more expensive. So you wont find any bargains if you are a bargain hunter. But their pipes are so beautifully carved that the pipe is self is an piece of art. So you can understand that I do not recommend this store to any bargain hunters going to this online site for any bargain. But if you have money in your pocket or on paypal that's just burning there I would defiantly recommend checking out this store.

So here are the sites for both of the stores:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This Blog's Revival

Hello to any who is reading or who is skimming this blog.

As you can tell you are the first and only reader to my blog. Over the year I have been gone due to life I have decide to live life experience to see if it can help my writing. Fortunately I believe it has. Given my writing some real quality and some purpose to my writing.

But alas I am getting off track.

When I started this blog I had the intentions of writing a blog about pipes to smoke and even become a pipe critic of some sorts. But I have yet to gain a following. So what I am going to do is to rededicate this blog to teach & show you, the reader, how to make your own pipe rack, to give an opinion on the various pipes, ranging from corn cob to briar to meerschaum, and to be a critic on pipe tobacco.

So now as I finish this post, I hope that this blog will be successful and will gain a following. As well I hope this blog will be fun.