Monday, January 3, 2011

Tavern Pipe or Churchwarden

They come in many names. Tavern Pipes, Churchwardens, Lesepfiefe,  Reading Pipe, and Hussar Pipe. It doesn't really matter what your long stem pipe is called. But that they are awesome, whether or not you smoke. If you disagree that the churchwarden, what I call it, doesn't receive this praise. Then you cannot deny that a churchwarden or any long stem pipe has it's own awesomeness.

The incredible design to incorporates that period in time where guys went off to the tavern and smoke a nice pipe after a refreshing glass of beer or mead. Or went to church and just smoke in the pews, praying to God, probably asking for more tasteful tobacco. But that is not what makes the churchwarden awesome, though the history of a churchwarden is pretty awesome. What makes it awesome is the cool smoke that comes from the distance of pipe bowl, to your mouth at the end of its ridiculously long stem.

Now if you want to shop for a churchwarden then you have ton of options to look for them on the internet. So I can't help you there, also I can't give a thumbs up on any brand of a churchwarden pipe. Until I smoke one which hopefully is pretty soon.

But I can give you advice on where to stay the hell away. The only sites I wouldn't recommend is the Macqueen's website, mainly because of the feeling of the website that belongs on some comic books website or a Lord of the Rings fan site. Not because of the lack of selection, or the tantalizing feeling of overdoing.  But the overlaying amount of being lame and incredibly stupid in their marketing, especially with the way they label their products.

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