Saturday, January 29, 2011

Calabash O Calabash

As I am contemplating my next pipe. I've been deciding between a Peterson, a Dunhill, a Savinelli, or a calabash pipe. Yes a calabash pipe, a elegant and extraordinary pipe. With its shape, a symbol of prestige or sexual insecurity, Quintin Taratino words not mine. A pipe that is often confused with Sherlock Holmes, a most inquisitive man.

But I am not typing this mediocre blog post. To just put an endless praise to this weird pipe, but to notify anyone, who still reads this blog. That I am going to make my own calabash, from the gourd, and post the steps on this blog. This awful, awful, blog.

So, bye.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lack of Photos

If anyone who has read this blog. Then you have already notice that there are no photos, reason being is that I didn't want to make this a picture book. I also didn't want to annoy any readers with countless photos of my mediocre pipe collection.

But when I get started on Part 3 & 4 of Making Your own Pipe Rack. You'll see some photos, of the progression of what you'll be doing. 

Sooooooooo, with that done I'll scat doodle. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Editorial: Sutliff Private Stock

I don't know nor care about the history of the Sutliff Tobacco Co. But for one thing is for sure, is that I bought their tobacco for my meerschaum today. Though I was half expecting the flavor of peaches and cream, I forgot that the taste of tobacco will dominate every tobacco I buy.

But I thought that the tobacco was finely cut and the fragrance was noticeable, especially when it was burning. The moisture of the tobacco was perfect, not too moist but defiantly not dry. But I thought that the flavor was non existent if there was any. If there was any flavor then either it didn't exist or I smoked it too quickly to notice. But that's the one thing with tobacco companies, they tell you one thing about something while their lying at your face through marketing.

So overall I thought the tobacco was okay. I felt cheated by the lack of flavor and the price of the tobacco, but I blame that on high tobacco taxes. The moisture of the tobacco was perfect, so I wouldn't change a thing about that. The smoke was a bit rough, but that was due to my new pipe, so I won't hold that against the producer. The smell was excellent, almost good as the moisture of the tobacco. However the after smell that flavors the pipe was a bit strong for my taste.

So again I give this tobacco an O.K. It's a not so bad and not great tobacco. However I do hope that someone can recommend a good aromatic tobacco.
If they can't then well that sucks.  But that means I just need to continue looking for the perfect tobacco, on my own.

Puff you later.

making Your own Pipe Rack Pt. 2

Now that Christmas is over, hooray. You've gotten more pipes and less rack space, but more time. Now then, we can finally get this over and done with. So we can start on the next rack. For those who have read the previous blog about this subject. Then you'll know the required 7 rules that must be known.

But before we start sawing off limbs and wood. I want to tell you what are you going to need:

  1. Wood, without it then it is impossible. Unless you can make one out of stone or steel. Which would be pretty cool. 
  2. Also spare wood for drilling exercises and/or in case of the likelihood you will be starting a scrap wood collection. Not to mention when drilling you want wood underneath so you won't turn your meager work table filled with unnecessary holes. Plus you won't make your workbench look like it came from Switzerland.   
  3. A Table saw or a circular power saw. Circular power saws are far easier to use and require less attention than a table saw. But you're giving up stability for easy use, with a table saw your giving up limbs for stability.
  4. A File, it can do what a piece of sandpaper can do & more precise. Also a file can get to those hard to reach places that a piece of sandpaper.  
  5. Sandpaper, can smooth were a file can & more. Also when dealing with smoothing you want to get through an area quick and simple. A piece of sandpaper will do that job better than a file.
  6. Cordless Drill or Drill with cord. Is the tool that you will need in order to make the pipe to stand by the stem or by the bowl. 
  7. Drill bits, they come in various sizes and shapes. But be forewarned, don't get the ones with the winged tipped. As to why, you have use them to understand why. My recommendation is to get the 3/4" size drill bit, with the winged tip. But
  8.  Ruler, simple and elegant. It can help a lot when you are trying to judge the difference between the distance of each holder, where you place the pipes. Or half of a holder. It is also useful for measuring the thickness of the wood you are using. 
  9. Felt, no matter what. Felt is needed to provide a stable solid posting to keep you rack where you want it to be. 
Now most of these items, if not all, will be available at a local Loew's, Menards, Home Depot, and your local hardware and fabric store. Don't worry on perfection or how the damn thing looks, as long it  functions on one thing. Holding your pipes, then it is a success.

Next time will be the actuality where I show you, with photos, on how to make your own Pipe Rack.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My First Meerschaum

On this past Monday. I received my first meerschaum pipe and I am excited on smoking it. But I only have one kind of tobacco and almost out of that kind. So now I am in the market for some new tobacco.

But I don't want this tobacco to be any kind of tobacco, I want it smooth, crisp, and aromatic. For some strange reason regular pipe tobacco makes me want to cut my tongue off. Now you made be thinking of Dunhill or Peterson tobacco. Which I bet that they have some good tobacco, but I don't want to buy some brand name and be somewhat disappointed by the lack of flavor.

Also this is kinda of a virgin smoke situation. Laugh as you will, I know I would've if I was reading this. You really can't but help but think if  you were about to smoke your first meerschaum you want it to be a perfect smoke. Though reality may prove you disastrously wrong, like love. But if fate shines me a light of glorious perfection on this smoke then I'm a believer.

So as I bid farewell to this surprisingly small post. If anyone is reading this blog I would appreciate it  if any of you leave a comment about good quality pipe tobacco. Just leave a comment and a hyperlink in the comments block. Also be respectful to each other's opinions. Which I hope isn't too much to ask for.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tavern Pipe or Churchwarden

They come in many names. Tavern Pipes, Churchwardens, Lesepfiefe,  Reading Pipe, and Hussar Pipe. It doesn't really matter what your long stem pipe is called. But that they are awesome, whether or not you smoke. If you disagree that the churchwarden, what I call it, doesn't receive this praise. Then you cannot deny that a churchwarden or any long stem pipe has it's own awesomeness.

The incredible design to incorporates that period in time where guys went off to the tavern and smoke a nice pipe after a refreshing glass of beer or mead. Or went to church and just smoke in the pews, praying to God, probably asking for more tasteful tobacco. But that is not what makes the churchwarden awesome, though the history of a churchwarden is pretty awesome. What makes it awesome is the cool smoke that comes from the distance of pipe bowl, to your mouth at the end of its ridiculously long stem.

Now if you want to shop for a churchwarden then you have ton of options to look for them on the internet. So I can't help you there, also I can't give a thumbs up on any brand of a churchwarden pipe. Until I smoke one which hopefully is pretty soon.

But I can give you advice on where to stay the hell away. The only sites I wouldn't recommend is the Macqueen's website, mainly because of the feeling of the website that belongs on some comic books website or a Lord of the Rings fan site. Not because of the lack of selection, or the tantalizing feeling of overdoing.  But the overlaying amount of being lame and incredibly stupid in their marketing, especially with the way they label their products.