Monday, May 27, 2013

The Summer's Menu

This Year has been abjectly slow due to my lack of inspiration not a lack of desire. I wanted to write about how my Tobacco plants. But I doubt any of you actually care about my attempts of growing tobacco. So I am here telling I will be canceling that series due to it being just plain stupid.

However I'll be moving to Memphis, TN for a job. With that Job, will come a paycheck and with that paycheck is something for me write about. Hopefully the wonders of a Churchwarden.

But most of all that I am exciting is the fact with temporary financial independence that this summer will bring me one step closer to two things that I wanted to do. One is traveling and seeing the world and bringing you stories that will inspire to travel and to smoke. If the world hasn't taken the fun out of smoking.

Another thing on the menu is the renewed hope that I can find one celebrity, just one, who smokes and will sit down and do a interview on this blog, which will be interesting to say the least. But don't hold your breath.

The Final thing I wanted to bring up is my thanks to my extremely loyal if not human audience.

With that I'll puff you later.

The abject failure of E-tobacco products

A while back a commenter once asked me this question. Why don't you write about E-tobacco?

Well for several reasons. Most of which I'll won't talk about. But chief among them is this. They are artificial and have none of the romanticism of smoking.

You see when you smell the cake of a pipe you smell the flavor of tobacco and that in turn can steer up memories of when you are smoking that are both good and relaxing. Now no one is arguing about dangers of tobacco, or the taste of tobacco. Honest to God you only bear the tobaccos' taste out of experiencing new tobacco and new strengths of how rough it can be.

But again that is part of the romanticism of pipe smoking. Now I haven't tried a E pipe, primarily because I didn't know that they existed and have only heard and seen E cigs. And trust me they come in one flavor and that is water. What an Electronic Cigarette is basically a vaporizer for liquid nicotine mixed in with water in order to dilute the nicotine. Because nicotine is a neurotoxicant that can be fatal in its pure form. They dilute and vaporize to lessen the toxicity so that you won't die. Give it a blue light to indicate its working and give you more than a mouth full so you can exhale the vapor that your lungs didn't absorbed.

Compared to Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nicotine, Sugar (depending on the curing process), Water Vapor, and Ammonia. When you smoke a more traditional pipe and that's just the natural stuff. Imagine what the Big Tobacco puts in their shit. Now you might say "Oh so E-cigs are defiantly much safer."

Not necessary you see, when a tobacco leaf is cured and fermented, it is a process to dilute most of the nicotine and the ammonia. It also allows for the sugars to add natural flavors, so you can get a wide variety of flavors from a single batch of tobacco depending on the curing method. Also depending on the bread of Tobacco as well.

For example both Fire and Air cured tobacco are usually low in sugars but have high amounts of nicotine that often used in pipe and cigar tobacco. Where as both Flue and Sun cured tobacco are both high sugar content and are usually used in cigarette. With Flue cured has a tendency to be in the medium high ratio for nicotine. Where as Sun Cured tobacco is usually in the low ratio for nicotine.

Now depending on your own personal taste the flavors can be exquisite. With Sweetness of a high sugary tobacco with a good nicotine that doesn't make you head swim in a nicotine haze.

You can't get that with an E-Cig or an E-Pipe. All you get with those are nicotine hazes, and that my good reader is why I don't write about them. I'm a pipe connoisseur who is here to guide those who are trying to enjoy their deadly habit with new experiences.

With that I'll puff you later.