Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jazz & Pipes.

Autumn Leaves by Cannon Adderley, is a rhythmic Jazz song that demands a billiard. Filled with a tobacco that  is heavy and smokey but light on nicotine and a nice glass of Scotch on the rocks.

Now you may be asking why? Well, here's why:

  1. The  rhythm of the piece, with its cornets and tenor saxophone. Brings out a unique and perfect blend of the two instruments accompanied by bass and piano. Which demands a earthy tobacco to smoke, which leads me to point #2.
  2. While you could smoke an aromatic but really. Aromatics are more for a spring afternoon after an April shower. In other words, you smoke aromatics when you enjoying the presence of nature and the natural beauty around you. Or that you don't have any other type of tobacco with you and don't want something that overpowers you. When you are listening to jazz you want the tobacco to mirror the music. Down to earth and smooth, but not to smooth, with periodic sharp notes in it, that calms you down in a calming wave but won't entirely wash you away in the nicotine.  
  3. As to the scotch on the rocks. Well Scotch in my opinion is such a relaxing thing to drink that it was made for Jazz. As Jazz, not that smooth Jazz crap, is such relaxing music when its good. Everything from the rhythm and melody, to the instruments and the arrangements of the players.    
Finally before I leave you today. I want you to go to pandora.com I know it sounds like I'm marketing for them, trust me I'm not. Type in Cool Jazz, light up a bowl, pour a glass of you favorite whiskey, or any other liquor as long its not rum or ouzo and just listen.

With that I'll puff you later.


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