Thursday, September 29, 2011

The most expensive pipe paraphernalia

I've recently found a good website with an artistic twist to it. Now your probably wondering what the fuck does this have to do with pipe smoking. Well hold on I'm getting there, because you see this website creates some of the most beautiful and expensive Pipe Tampers.  You would have to check out the site but rest assure that you'll be seeing some of the most beautifully sculpted tampers you have ever seen.

Before you grab your wallets. Check out what is available and how much a tamper cost, because high quality usually equals in high prices. But fortunately I have found some, on the this site, that are tamper in the price range of $50-$80 a piece. So fortunately if you can't afford the more high end tampers then at least you could buy an good tamper.

See you later and puff you later.

Pipe Rack update

Attention anybody who still reads this blog! I have an announcement to make the fourth and final post of How To Make Your Own Pipe Rack is coming soon. It will have instructions, it will have photos, and it will have a photo of the finished product. Now before you give self a wedgie of anticipation, note that even if I finish there is a slight possibility, due to an act of God, that I won't be able to post it immediately after I am done. 

So be patient as I get all the stuff together and then publish it. So I don't screw up and give you instructions to build a birdhouse. In other words it will take me some time to write and edit some things out before I get the post published. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Hopeful Interview

As I post this and get ready for the final posting of How To Make Your Own Pipe Rack, hopefully it gets posted by the end of next week. I am hopefully going to do an interview with one the world's most famous pipe smokers. No it's not Stephen Fry or any other famous pipe smoker, that is currently alive. But a far more famous one than him.

The reason I am not going to reveal his identity to anyone is because I don't know if the interview is going to happen and if it did. Not to mention there is a possibility that I'll get rejected. So I will reveal  the identity of the person whom I'm interviewing, only if I get a yes to the interview.

So that's that. Have a fine day to smoke and enjoy a pipe. Puff you later.