Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tobacco obsession to the fullest

Recently I have come to realize that I have an obsession with three different tobacco blends. That each entice and attract me through my own personal way. Each blend has it's own merits but again I lack experience to write a full blown review.

But these do capture to my imagination as to what they taste, smell, and how good they smoke. I'm hoping in the near future that I do get to try these three different blends and write an honest review.
But until then lets continue writing note these are my mysterious trio and yes it is biased due to my inexperience with these three.

1. Moontrance by CAO, the reasons for this is its claim to be a blend of exotic fruit, vanilla, and bourbon. Not that only I am infatuated with this blend of tobacco. It consumes my desires of smoking when I am using one of my older blends that I buy from a local tobacconist.
2. This tobacco is one of my newer obsessions so I think it is playing on my growing desire to try something new. Its name is Devil's Holiday, by Dan's Tobacco, and it has put a spell on me. The reason behind my obsession is the intrigue of its 'wild forest flavor'. But mostly due to marketing.
3. This blend of tobacco isn't caused by a particular brand, per say. It's caused by the residual flavors in the pipe's cake. The said pipe used to be owned by my grandfather, that is now in my possession. Who past away earlier this summer. Who was a modest collector and smoker. But I am getting off track, what attracts me towards this mysterious blend. Isn't sentimental, though it's part of the reason. It's because of the smell if anything else.

That smells like…………………………………………… I can't describe it perfectly so bare with me. Pine needles with a hint of Oak. Its the kind of tobacco that really brings out the nostalgia of being a pipe smoker, despite the health risks. And makes you want to pick up a pipe and smoke after a good steak and potato dinner with a glass of Jack on the rocks.

So Puff you later