Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Though I promised to finish the pipe rack within a week and failed to uphold this promise. I want you all know that the new deadline for finishing this project will be before Christmas. Now some of you had probably expected the fourth and final posting of HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PIPE RACK this past week. But due to certain circumstances, mostly and mainly due to scheduling conflicts and school. I was unable to finish and uphold the promise.  But I swear when I post the final post of HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PIPE RACK it will be well done before Christmas.

So with that I'll puff you later.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


As the Libyan Civil war ended, with the death of Gaddafi. Libyans today, tomorrow and forever will no longer have to fear the Gaddafi regime. Now Libyans have the opportunity to live in freedom. But this doesn't end Libya's problems, the construction of their economy and government will face many challenges. As I type about this non pipe related post the current sanctions, what remaining few, are ending.

Trade with Libya and the creation its pipe industry will be an interesting thing to write about. Now I hope that Libyans, who have fought bravely, will generate a successful state with a Market economy, including a indigenous tobacco industry. But I also fear that we might have to deal with a country that has militant Islamist who hate the Rolling Stones.

But in conclusion with this post. Mummar Gaddafi born June of 1942 - October 20, 2011 died today ending forty two years of oppressive rule. May Liberty shine over Libya and God bless the brave men who fought for freedom.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Mad Pipe Maker

If Alice ever wondered what did the Mad Hatter smoked. Then my guess is some really strong wacky tobacky. But how did the Mad Hatter smoke his wacky tobacky, he bought a pipe from Mr. Pipes or his Russian name Misha Revyagin.

Now if you are from Russia and you are thinking that I am giving an unfair biased criticism of his work. Then you'll be partly right, I am giving him unfair biased praise of his work. Because frankly his pipes are beautiful in the way that they are carved.  Honestly when I first saw them my first was respect, I thought they should be in an art museum, due there artistic beauty.

But if you already seen them and then really you first thought was this. Holy shit are those pipes? Seriously I need stop doing acid. 

However despite the pipes being shaped like something out of a LSD high, they are cool and I would place them high on the Need to add it to my collection scale. Despite the fact that they'll cost more than a plane ticket to Moscow. But hey who said high quality means cheapness.

So with that I'll puff you later.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Two new sinfully delicious tobaccos

Today is an interesting day for me because today I am going to be reviewing two new tobaccos that have been waiting for.

CAO's Moontrance tobacco and Dan's Tobacco's Devil's holiday. So be ready for either a condemnation or a praising.  But because I am a huge aromatic fan, will be a little biased towards aromatics, despite fact I need to smoke some non aromatics.  Despite that I have been disappointed by aromatics before. But fear not my non aromatic smokers. I will eventually buy a non aromatic tobacco.

So  puff you later.

Monday, October 3, 2011


A quick notice I am creating a praise or critic line it will be the official contact between me and you, the reader. I will delete all and everything troll, hate and non constructive criticism. But I will read it, if you have an idea for an article I'll MULL it over and decide whether or not to write it. However I will ONLY do three idea articles a month. So make sure they're good, and you do not waste my time with crap emails trolling my ass. 

So here is the link., so if you have an Idea Article, want to praise, or pass on some constructive criticism then by all means use this email address. 

puff you later.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Turkey, the Meerschaum Monopoly

Turkey the place to go when you want meerschaum, but it wasn't always like this. Up until the 1970s the exportation of the valuable soapstone was stopped by the Government of Turkey, with the excuse of starting up their own pipe industry.

Now not all meerschaum comes from Turkey. But if you want a meerschaum pipe you'll have to scour the entire internet looking for good meerschaum pipe that wasn't carved in Turkey. Now normally I will not delve into political matters of this kind very often. But I feel it is best that we lobby the Turkish government to re open the exportation of meerschaum. Because mainly I feel it is unfair for the Turkish government to prevent the pipe making of meerschaum pipes in other countries. Not to mention that it hampers the spread of knowledge of how to carve a meerschaum pipe.

If Turkish government fears that the flow of meerschaum would destroy or cripple their own industry. Then I say lets do an experiment. Where the Turkish government would allow about six tons worth of meerschaum to be exported to the United States, Canada, England, Denmark, Italy, and Russia. Where as each country would then distribute to the rest of the world were pipe smoking is known. Russia would distribute to Eastern Europe, Italy distributes to Central Europe including Switzerland, England would distribute to Ireland, the Iberian Peninsula and France,  Denmark would have the Scandinavian Peninsula and the rest of Northern Europe.

With the United States charge with distributing to Mexico and the entire Central American region including Panama and Canada would primarily distribute to Greenland and the Caribbean.

Then the Turkish government can, depending on UN survey on how many pipe carvers go out of business in Turkey,  increase or decrease the flow of meerschaum. Or a much simpler plan would be boycotting every meerschaum pipe and publicly protest at every single Turkish cultural event, including Turkish Embassies, until  the flow of meerschaum is reopened.

But until that actually happens then there is no chance that Meerschaum will be openly traded.

So I'll puff you later.

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