Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jack Schwartz: Cigar Smokers Only.

Recently I went back to the Windy City known as Chicago, to find the tobacconist that knock the socks off my feet and show me a better place to buy Pipes, pipe accessories, cigars, and cigar accessories. Other than Iwan Ries & Co. I thought it would be Jack Schwartz. But I was wrong, despite my naiveté of hoping that they would have at least of having a decent size of pipes and pipe tobacco.

Instead, they have two brands of pipe tobacco, and selling only Petersons.  Now I am not anti cigars, because I've had smoked a few cigars myself. But if you are looking for a good pipe and pipe tobacco, then stay away, my dear reader.

However I could forgive the location, the atmosphere, and the fact it is a cigar store and not a big fan of pipes. I cannot however for selling only one brand of pipes, and two kinds of tobacco. Is like saying that one kind of tobacco is good. I mean talk about being disappointed about the atmosphere, the near impossible viable location in all of Chicago, and the depressing selection

So with that I'll puff you later.

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