Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pressing the Pause button for now.

Hello to any of my readers,

I am sorry to say that I discontinuing this blog. But fear not! I am not ending this blog its just that with the lack of funds, no job, and still living with my parents (the shame). I just realized that I need fix up my life, because this is defiantly not where I expected my life to be right now.

If your thinking that this is the final posting then you are wrong. Well partially wrong, I am just hitting the pause button until I can figure out a way to financially support this blog, without relying on my family. I will continue to write so that pipe smokers don't have to worry about what to do, when in a crisis. Nor am I leaving out to dry.

If you are looking for advice then I would lead you to hear.

The Pipe Smoking Forum, (trumpet sounds).

This forum will be your guide for the time being. Until I get into a College that isn't a Community College, no offense. But until then I will continue to feel like a goddamn Hipster, who is living living with his parents because society is against it.

So with this final posting, for now, I am giving you the link: www.pipesmokersforum.com

So farewell, Live long and for the Love of G-d. Smoke a Pipe.

Puff you later!!!!!!

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